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Karlien & Pieter Knysna Heads

  “They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them. Because they knew it was. It was real.”- sleepless in Seattle This was a beautiful Pre-shoot on Christmas eve, we can not wait to be part of your wedding day.

Adele & Stefan’s Zeerust wedding

It was a warm day in the Northwest Province in a little town called Zeerust. Words can not express how awe-inspiring this couple is they are meant to be. The family was filled with love, tears and excitement, the photos of the day will help give you a glimpse in to the day.54  

CJ and Chrizelle wedding preview

What an emotional roller coaster the day was. Cj and Chrizelle are one of the most emotional couples i have ever done a wedding for, as soon as their eyes met. The tears were rolling from the bride to the groom, these two i can truly say have found their soulmate.