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Karlien & Pieter Knysna Heads

  “They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them. Because they knew it was. It was real.”- sleepless in Seattle This was a beautiful Pre-shoot on Christmas eve, we can not wait to be part of your wedding day. Advertisements


CJ and Chrizelle wedding preview

What an emotional roller coaster the day was. Cj and Chrizelle are one of the most emotional couples i have ever done a wedding for, as soon as their eyes met. The tears were rolling from the bride to the groom, these two i can truly say have found their soulmate. 

Lizelle and Human’s Wedding Zuikerkop Clocolan

Zuikerkop is set in the beautiful landscape of the eastern free state with majestic mountains and open farmland close too Clocolan. The weather at Lizelle and Human’s wedding was a little rainy and windy at stages that symbolizes how life can be. God then blessed them with a beautiful rainbow from above. May they be Blessed…