Karlien & Pieter Knysna Wedding

When you get two amazing people that come together and become one. You could not go wrong with this loving couple. We could see how much you two love each other by how intimately you held hands and that you never let each other go.   “Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. […]

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Michael and Cheryl Anniversary

Michael and Cheryl were one the first couples I ever did a photo shoot for. These photos show how much you have changed and how some things never change, you are still the most friendly and warm-hearted couple I have ever done a shoot with. Cheryl still makes the best deserts and Michael’s friendly smile […]

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Adele & Stefan’s Zeerust wedding

It was a warm day in the Northwest Province in a little town called Zeerust. Words can not express how awe-inspiring this couple is they are meant to be. The family was filled with love, tears and excitement, the photos of the day will help give you a glimpse in to the day.54  

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CJ and Chrizelle wedding preview

What an emotional roller coaster the day was. Cj and Chrizelle are one of the most emotional couples i have ever done a wedding for, as soon as their eyes met. The tears were rolling from the bride to the groom, these two i can truly say have found their soulmate. 

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