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Hi, I’m Angie! I do most of the shooting, mostly with my camera, I always walked around with my camera taking photos of everything, then went off to study Graphic design for 3 years, keeping me busy and mostly away from my camera, then in my last year of studies I met my awesomely talkative husband and we fell inlove and had our own little wedding, just after that I found this great passion to take photos of people, did a few courses, now two years later look where I am now.

Hi, I’m Quentin(the hubby/front man), I do most of the talking, my wife and I met in Bloemfontein and I worked in Ladybrand just a stone throw away from Maseru Lesotho. My wife and I met and a year later we where married! Damm I’m a lucky guy, soon after we married my wife needed more like I offered to help her with weddings. I soon picked up a camera, my wife showed me the ropes. Now I follow her not only from the first time we met but even now when we shoot weddings together.


Admired in Africa

13. AIA-92