Chante and Clive wedding Fouriesburg

We may be a little biased but Chante and Clive’s wedding was the most interesting and most amazing experience. With a palette of muted leafy greens, bright whites, it was the epitome of effortless sophistication, and the perfect combination of modern elegance with bohemian luxury. Under sunny skies, guests gathered with a spectacular view of their family farm for the outdoor ceremony. Chante watched as Clives brothers blew their shofars before she made her way down the isle and encircling Clive seven times to symbolize how Chante breaks down Clives walls to build their own house together. Chante and Clive exchanged their vows beneath a stunning Chuppa with a traditional Tallit, covered in roses and foliage that mirrored the bride’s greenery in her stunning bouquet.
Every little detail was thought through carefully by the bride and groom.

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