Adele & Stefan’s Zeerust wedding

It was a warm day in the Northwest Province in a little town called Zeerust. Words can not express how awe-inspiring this couple is they are meant to be. The family was filled with love, tears and excitement, the photos of the day will help give you a glimpse in to the day.54facebook (2 of 1)-3facebook (2 of 1)-4IMG_1219IMG_1262IMG_1284IMG_1289IMG_1301IMG_1324IMG_1332IMG_1383IMG_1425IMG_1460IMG_1475IMG_1517IMG_1528IMG_1532IMG_1536IMG_1541-3IMG_1564IMG_1588IMG_1591IMG_1613IMG_1632IMG_1637IMG_1640IMG_1707IMG_1726IMG_1753IMG_1807IMG_1849IMG_1899IMG_6953IMG_1980IMG_2000IMG_2001IMG_2039IMG_2044IMG_2084IMG_2086IMG_2106IMG_2108IMG_2119IMG_2119-2IMG_2204IMG_2206IMG_2246IMG_2251IMG_2013IMG_2032IMG_7042IMG_7043IMG_7543IMG_7741IMG_7809


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