Chane and Paul’s E-shoot, with smoke, dust and heavy winds to start with i must say the photos look stunning and the couple to. eshoot Chane and Paul-1.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-2.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-3.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-4.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-6.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-7.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-8.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-10.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-13.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-14.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-15.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-17.jpgeshoot Chane and Paul-19.jpg


Written by Angies wedding photography

Hi I am Angela, but everyone calls me Angie. I am a laidback natured person, but I love to work through challenges and trying new things, not only in life but in my photography as well. I always want to please people best I can. I am a wedding photographer that knows what you want.

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