Naleli and Juan’s Wedding, Ramabanta Trading post guest house, lesotho

This wedding was best summed up by the maid of honors speech…. “The journey to the venue is how Naledi and Juans journey together came to this point, there where a lot of twists, sharp turns, huge up hills and sometimes you think you where lost but when you ended at the top…. The view is majestic and beautiful.” This was such a fun wedding even i am in a photo!

N&J-28  IMG_7184 N&J-23  N&J-24N&J-22 IMG_7387  N&J-25 N&J-26 N&J-27  N&J-31  IMG_7464 IMG_7519 IMG_7666 N&J-1 N&J-2 N&J-3 N&J-4 N&J-6 N&J-7 N&J-8 N&J-11 N&J-12 N&J-21-3N&J-32N&J-15 N&J-21-2 N&J-20  N&J-16  N&J-21-4 N&J-21-5 N&J-21-7N&J-19Ramabanta trading post wedding  N&J-21-8

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